Create 3D printed prototypes in-house for cheaper design iterations produced in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.

Can't wait to find out how you could use 3D printed prototypes in your production?


From 3D design file to 3D printed part, prototyping design iterations is faster and easier as part of a seamless digital workflow.


Full-scale 3D-printed prototypes allow for more precise and better informed feedback regarding part fit, function, aesthetics, and more.


Accelerate time to market with 3D printed prototypes produced in a fraction of the time required for traditional methods.

Across a wide range of industries, full-scale prototypes are an absolute necessity throughout the design process to evaluate and iterate versions of a product before moving to production. The design iteration enables product designers to test a wide range of parameters like scale, feel, aesthetics, and performance, to improve the quality of their designs. For many production processes, however, the lead time to produce such prototypes can be weeks or even months and require costly materials and expensive skilled labor. 3D printing has revolutionized design prototyping, particularly for industrial production, so that iteration cycles can occur in just a fraction of the time typically required, while also saving big on material and labor costs.

Virtually Any Industry Can Benefit From with 3D Printed Design Prototypes

BigRep machines are a perfect solution to produce full-scale, large protytpes for a vast range of products. BigRep customers using 3D printing for design prototyping span industries ranging from cycling, medical, furniture, automotive, maritime, aerospace, and more.

Canyon Bicycles use 3D printed prototypes for fastercheaper design iterations to produce lightweight, efficient racing bikes.

Steelcase 4

Steelcase 3D prints variants of furniture designs, gaining the information required to make detailed decisions to validate their product concept direction.


Injection-molding firm Keter Plastics produces 3D-printed prototypes for new industrial designs, reducing lead times and costs, while developing more complex, innovative ideas.


3D printing helps Phoenix Instinct perfect their designs for ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber wheelchairs with a unique smart weight distribution technology.

Aden Sports

Fast and precise 3D printing allows Aden Sports to produce prototypes, as well as low-volume serial pats, for electric bicycle motor kits.

Producing Perfectly Smoothed, Post-Processed Design Prototypes

Villeroy & Boch 3D prints full-scale bathtub prototypes, exactly matching the designer's specifications, to evaluate and improve product designs. Additionally, they post-process their prototypes by filling, sanding, and coating the surfaces so their top decision-makers can fully assess new products.

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"Before we had the 3D printer, we needed to explain to our model makers what they needed to make with wood and foam and polyester. Nowadays, it's just bringing your product on a flash drive and the machine is making our product exactly in the way we wanted it to be."

Johan de Groot
Product Designer, Villeroy & Boch


"One of the things that's really amazing about the BigRep 3D printer is that you can create full-scale samples. It's important because you don't really understand what a piece of furniture means in the real world until you have it in full size."

Michael Held
Director of Design - EMEA and APAC, Steelcase


"The advantage of having a large-scale 3D printer in-house is that we can just print our CAD files to get the real part in real scale, which saves a lot of time and cost. We can print, maybe do some modifications, print it again and have many loops in a very short time."

Johannes Thumm
Senior Design Engineer, Canyon Bicycles


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